Learn Learn Learn: A Technology Update & Review

Episode Two

This installment examines the automotive industry and how technology is changing it all the time. Henry Halladay has provided a concise, yet thorough look at this subject in a way that has perhaps never been done before. Episode Two introduces many series hallmarks which will define Learn Learn Learn going forward. 

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Behind the Episode


Driving the Point Home

Episode Two of Learn Learn Learn is a riveting and informative follow-up to the pilot episode. The show's host, Henry Halladay, Ph.D., PE, formerly of Boeing, discusses technology in transportation and, once again, the Internet of Things (IoT) as it relates to this topic. From the opening moments of the program fans of the show will notice a significant change from the previous installment. One could say Learn Learn Learn has officially hit its stride with this new episode. 

Dr. Halladay sounds more engaging, self-assured and entertaining than ever before, deftly interweaving topics like driverless automobiles, pedestrian detection, and in-automobile technology advances. Some of these are on the horizon, while others are features to which we are already accustomed; things we live with every day.

The production of this new episode will also raise a few eyebrows, as things have been markedly enhanced since the last installment. Outwardly, it appears that the Halladay and his media production team are truly working in lockstep, as there is a great artistic synergy between these two parties which is now more apparent than ever before. The integration of more music, more images, more movement, and just plain more has really made an impact on those who have previewed this work in advance of its release.

"There were moments when we did not feel like we were producing a podcast at all," said one executive member of the media team, "This was more akin to the feeling we get when producing full-blooded documentaries and films. It's a podcast, but it's also a visual documentary." He adds: "By the final seconds of this piece we found ourselves rather gripped by the emotional pull of it all. Technology does not have to be cold and impersonal. Henry Halladay proves this. He conveys it with such heart and personality. We figured that if we could create something half as poignant as his passionate, yet grounded presentation, then we were doing something right."

It certainly seems that all parties involved have hit their desired mark. Learn Learn Learn Episode Two is so much more than the sum of its parts. As it plays through, new and old audiences alike will likely find themselves just as engrossed as the project's creators. There is a steady stream of information presented, always bolstered by a depth and sensitivity which carry it along. The balance of sight and sound, and the power of the material is all palpable, and Dr. Halladay hopes his audience feels the same.

"I am very pleased with this new chapter in my ongoing series," says the host, Henry Halladay, "With any hope, the listeners will not only connect with it on some level, but also walk away with some new knowledge and a lot to think about."

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