Learn Learn Learn: A Technology Update & Review

Episode Three

Henry Halladay keeps the tech education going with Episode Three. This special, nearly double-length episode doesn't waste a single minute with its exploration into Internet of Things across industry. Your dedicated host tackles 5G, IoT in the manufacturing industry and healthcare field, and how all of this relates to life in 2019... and beyond.

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Behind the Episode


Some Heavy Subjects

Acclaimed podcast docu-series, Learn Learn Learn, proudly presents its landmark third episode. Not only does the program reach new heights through its timely subject matter and influential host, Henry Halladay, this latest installment also marks the debut of this new website where you're presently viewing this: LearnWithHenry.com. 

Previously, this show was being hosted exclusively by www.HalladayEngineering.com (where it can still be found). However, tuning into the show on the official program website will open many more interesting opportunities for you to learn, experience and hopefully share what you’ve learned in each episode. 

This new episode has nearly doubled in length as compared to its usual running time. Following the momentum of the first two quarter-hour programs, host Henry Halladay decided to raise the stakes considerably for this double-epsidode.. The show’s producers were certainly up to the task as well, employing a number of new production flourishes, such as an introductory montage, newly licensed music, and far more image content (including video) than in both previous episodes combined.

If Episode One capably set the stage and Episode Two established the tone of Learn Learn Learn, it is Episode Three where this program raises the stakes considerably. Dealing with heavier issues, both literally (manufacturing) and figuratively (medical) this installment strives to make everything twice the size. This is no small feat considering the program still feels lean and briskly paced even at 27 minutes; testament to the power of the material and the quality of vision and production. Dr. Halladay is grateful that both his websites have enough visitors to warrant all of this additional expansion.  

“You never know who’s listening,” says Halladay, “So each episode must be approached as though there are first-timers in the audience. I give it my all with every installment.”

All of the hype, web traffic and positive feedback would mean nothing at all if Halladay Engineering weren’t delivering a high quality product. With respect to subject matter and program content, Halladay is “delivering the goods" in a large way. Fortunately for everyone in the audience, Learn Learn Learn is a program whose creators demand good material above all.  Episode Three moves further along into the world of IoT (Internet of Things) and speaks candidly about technology as it relates to the industry and medical fields.

“Manufacturing technology has been evolving for many years, but lately it seems that industry has to [evolve] as it tries to compete and gain new customers,” states Dr. Halladay in Episode Three, “Most manufacturers are employing various technological advancements to make work easier, safer and more productive. Use of [Internet of Things] and [artificial intelligence] is becoming more important in the prediction of potential breakdown in tools, especially robotics… a key element of the manufacturing process.” 

The latest installment also tackles the all-encompassing influence of the 5G network, medical technology, 3D printing, Cloud computing, and much more.  

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