Learn Learn Learn: A Technology Update & Review

Episode One

Henry Halladay sets the tone for the entire series with this debut episode of Learn Learn Learn. In less than 15 minutes, Henry dives into IoT (Internet of Things), home security, automation, robotics, and more. Enjoy this trendsetting, acclaimed pilot episode along with special bonus content only available here.

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Behind the Episode


The debut episode of Learn Learn Learn was in no way Henry Halladay’s first foray into podcasting, but it was certainly his most high profile yet. It also marks another first: Before this, Henry had never been part of a continuing program series. This new format might have resulted in a slate of lengthy, even indulgent shows from some hosts. However, Henry wisely avoided this pitfall, instead opting for a tightly structured, concise approach.  

He figured he’d work best with an outline, so Henry began compiling information, observing, organizing, and whittling away at a larger structure from which he would ultimately sculpt the 14 airtight minutes of the debut episode of Learn Learn Learn. Henry believes that by keeping it thorough, but brief, he will better be able to communicate the subject matter effectively while also opening the floor for audience interaction.

Dr. Halladay's new broadcasting effort could not come at a more favorable time. He understands that the world is continuously evolving and he keeps up with everything he can. His studies, opinions, and insights will be shared regularly with his audience, which he hopes will grow throughout the duration of the series' run. When asked if he would like the show to grow in leaps and bounds, he responded: "I want to reach as wide an audience as I can, of course. But it's definitely more about quality over quantity. My goal is to attract people who are interested in tech, and want to assess the personal impacts of 'Internet of Things' and other tech related topics I will be discussing." 

Halladay Engineering was founded not only to offer consultancy services to those in need, but also to create an absolute and genuine symposium of like-minded people. Ideally, these will be individuals looking to research, engage and hopefully transform the modern technological realm. 

According to a representative of Halladay Engineering, Learn, Learn, Learn: A Technology Update & Review with Henry Halladay will open the door for actionable and meaningful conversations. This podcast will present a platform to connect its listeners with ideas and inspiration which contribute to the technological landscape of their work and personal life."

Some topics that will likely come up throughout the podcast include, but are not limited to, the following: home technology, integrated workplace, tech interaction with humans, automation, robotics, home security, and the growing fear of a potential, Orwellian Nineteen Eighty-Four style scenario in the not-too-distant future.

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